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Makin’ Millie


If you’re into that sorta thing, you can see a little behind-the-scenes of our Millie Moreorless trailer on our Vimeo page. Tecnhical-wise, the trailers’s modelled and animated in Maya (based on the adorable 2D character designs from Nick Stoney) and composited in Nuke (using a few custom doodahs like a little SSAO Blinkscript we made that we’re totally using on everything), with a ton of matte painting in Photoshop and Illustrator, in case you’re thinking of making your own or whatever…


Rita Ora GIF

The project page for our Rita Ora/Sigma visuals is now live! Check it out for exclusive behind-the-scenes showbiz gossip or, more specifically, procedural digital forests and pretty colours.

Top tip: if you want to grow your own digital forest, here ya go

  • Axiom: A(2,1)
  • A(l,w) = T F(l,w) B(l*0.6 , w * 0.5) /(b) T A(l * 0.9, w * 0.9)
  • B(l,w) : w > c = [&F(l,w) A(l,w)]
  • B(l,w) : w > d = [ C(l,w) ]
  • B(l,w) = F(l,0)%
  • C(l,w) = T(-1) & F(l*0.5,w/2) F(0.1,w/2) J(1, 1)

Enjoy đŸ˜‰