[rglProjectPage project_title =”Rita Ora / Sigma Live Visuals” vimeo_video_number = “152181513” project_details = “Like everyone else, we’ve always secretly dreamed of being on ITV’s The X-Factor. Well, looks like we can tick that one off the list. Together with our buddies at Artisan, we created visuals for Rita Ora’s televised live performance of her single ‘Coming Home’, a collaboration with chart-topping drum & bass duo Sigma.

Artisan designed the elegantly minimal stage set, with tightly synchronised monochromatic lighting illuminating the choir and orchestra, and – at Rita’s request – we set about creating an abstract digital forest for her and the band to fly through. With a super-short turnaround time before the live broadcast, modelling a whole forest was out of the question – so we wrote a custom L-System using Houdini to generate 150,000 unique digital trees. Every single leaf is actually individually animated, of course. Well, why not?

Rita loved it, and we hope the TV audience – over 6 million viewers – enjoyed it as well…
Big thanks to our friends at FIELD.IO for lending us some giant computers to render it all on!

” project_credits = “Concept||Rita Ora / Artisan||Screen content design & animation||Real Good Liars||Set / lighting design||Artisan|| Live performance footage || Syco Entertainment / ITV || Audio || Sigma ft. Rita Ora © 3 Beat Music / ITV||Thanks||Marcus & Valtteri @ FIELD.IO“]