[rglProjectPage project_title =”Probably Just A Cat” vimeo_video_number = “130878239” project_details = “Just a little something we’ve been making for fun. You know how it is – some days you just have to make that 13-minute psychedelic art-horror short set in the London of your dreams. You can follow the production progress on our blog. And if you happen to be a character animator, and you want to get involved, give us a shout!” project_credits = “Probably Just a Cat||© Real Good Liars, 2015||Director||Dave Ferner||Script||Adam Ferner||Lead Modeller||Edward Lim||Additional Modelling||Dave Ferner, Misha Shyukin||Rigging||Amy Hay||Animation||Dave Ferner, Linnea Forslund, Hanson Fincher, Camilo Guaman, Min Hong, Nikolas Karatasakis||Voice Acting|| Jade Alexander, Katy Federman, Jodie Perry||2D Art||Adam Ferner, Dave Ferner, Lucy Stylianou“]

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