BARTKIRA: The Animated Trailer

2D Digital Animation & Motion Graphics

We had a ton of fun helping out our talented friends on the awesome BARTKIRA project. It’s an ongoing group effort by literally hundreds of animators and illustrators around the world, and we can’t wait to see the finished book. We did the graphic design, typography and grading, plus the opening shot, for the animated trailer – finally answering the question on everyone’s lips: How would the seminal 1984 ‘Akira’ cinematic trailer have looked if it had been an early ‘90s Simpsons VHS?

Note: please don’t sue us.

‘Bartkira’ Concept
Ryan Humphrey & James Harvey
Production Coordinator
Kaitlin Sullivan
Sachiko Munakata & Chiemi Isozaki
Original Bartkira Hiragana
Ben McSweeney
‘Akbar’ Simpsons Font
John Berhardt