The Amazing Adventures of Millie MoreorLess

Game Trailer

When Enabling Play asked us to create a trailer for their new iOS puzzle game “The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless”, we took one look at the charming universe they’d created and knew we had to get involved.
Starting from the five vibrant worlds of the game and Nick Stoney’s adorable character designs, we built up a series of miniature stories, and extended them into the colourful 3D world of the trailer. Will Millie conquer the Crystal Mountains? Befriend that octopus? And…what’s up with the enigmatic Hatman? The game’s here if you’d like to find out!

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Enabling Play Ltd
Original Character Designs & 2D Art
Nick Stoney
Sam Swallow
Game Design / Art Direction
Cara & Will Jessop
Research & Learning Advisors
Dr. Jill Porter & Sarah King